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True Artists Studio ® 3047 Madison Rd, Suite 206-B | Cincinnati, OH 45209
It's all about telling your story
We are a full service video production company based in Cincinnati that specializes in storytelling through stunning visuals, dramatic voiceovers & cinematic music. We provide Wedding and other videography services throughout Ohio, including Columbus. We are Filmmakers with real filmmaking experience, let us tell your story.
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Video Production is not so much a business as it is an art form. At the very core of it all is storytelling. We are a studio of visual artists; film school junkies with a passion and desire to tell stories in compelling, dramatic and entertaining ways. True Artists Studio comes with a documentary film style, similar to what you would see on PBS Independent Lens mixed with an Indie film feel. Our narratives are like no other in the wedding industry, our commercial and corporate films are all customized with a true-to-life feel while still engaging the target audience. With every project we do, True Artist continues to think outside the box, collaborate, create and at the end of the day, tell a story. Your story. 

If you are a bride, a small business owner, a non-profit or a large fortune 500 looking for video production in or around Cincinnati, True Artists Studio can not only shoot & edit, we can help tell your story. Video is powerful. Stories are powerful. The two together, it's True Art.       ~Shane M. Pergrem, Executive Producer