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Shane M Pergrem, Producer/Owner
I'm passionate about telling stories in creative and innovative ways. I like to think outside the box while saying that less is more. There's an art to minimalism and simplicity while balancing visually stimulating content. I strive to find that balance in every project I take on. 
About True Artists Studio
True Artists Studio is a full service video production company that is passionately driven to inspire, inform and evoke change through an organic storytelling process. ​

We utilize a natural, creative, minimalistic approach in order to connect the audience to your message. This process lends itself to the final product being unique, unscripted and engaging.

What we hear from clients all the time: 
    "Wow, you made that {interview} so easy and fun!" 
    "I can't believe the video turned out so great! I felt like I gave you nothing good to work with!"
    "We loved how you made our personal story really shine."
    "You guys NAILED IT!"

So, what's your story? We would be honored to help you tell it through film.
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"Filmmaking isn't about big budgets, special effects or big-named actors. Filmmaking is about telling a story."
Sara Bowen, 
I remember about the age of ten; the feeling I would get, capturing "candid laughter" or a bird piercing the sky or a moonlit cityscape. I remember knowing that this right here, this photography thing, eternalizing moments, emotions and the stories behind them; this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.
Now, a decade later, here I am. My career is my passion. My art is my work. My job is my destiny and I know I am doing exactly what I was put here to do.
Jordan Miller,
Lead Cinematographer/Editor
By far, the thing that I love the most about what I do is being part of crucial moments in someone's life story. Whether the Indy 500, NCAA championship or a couple's wedding day; I absolutely love being caught in it all. I've been very fortunate to be presented with such amazing opportunities and it always comes together at the perfect time.
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Jay Miller,
Lead Cinematographer/Editor
As soon as I picked up my first camera, I knew I was born to make films. To me, there is nothing more powerful than sitting in a dark theatre and having an emotional, powerful experience through the art of cinema. With tenacious drive to tell people's stories, I want to live a life that isn't stuck in complacency. To me, telling stories is just that.
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